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Westford Against Substance Abuse was organized in 1986-1987 in response to concerns about substance abuse problems, both locally and globally. The ongoing goal of the organization is to educate all members of the Westford community about substance abuse. A long range goal is to assure that programs are in place which will aid in the prevention and treatment of all forms of substance abuse in the community of Westford.

 WASA in collaboration with the Westford School Community has launched a new initiative- Project Purple. Project Purple will provide a different and proven concept to help fight substance abuse amongst kids in Westford.

 With the support of Westford Against Substance Abuse and the Westford School community we will be providing our youth with tools and resources to guide them to choose a substance free lifestyle.

 “Westford Project Purple strives to empower youth to be able to effectively resist the pressures of drugs and alcohol in school and in their daily lives.” One youth at a time supporting each other. It’s OK to say NO.”

 Project Purple is an initiative of The Herren Project, a 501(c) 3 non-profit foundation established by former NBA basketball player, Chris Herren, which assists individuals and families struggling with addiction. Project Purple was launched to break the stigma of addiction, bring awareness to the dangers of substance abuse, and shed light on effective treatment practices. This project gives students the courage to stand up against peer pressure.

 December 16, 2014 Chris Herren will address the entire Westford Academy and will then address the public at night. At these events we will offer a Project Purple Shirt to each student who is committed to sign

 This project and other WASA initiatives and. programs will benefit the youth of Westford in their formative years. WASA’s goal is to empower them to make good choices in their lives.  .

 In 2014 a group of Westford Academy students developed a video which was entered into a country-wide competition with Project Purple. The students came in 5th place. 

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 WASA is looking for tax deductible donations to be able to provide speakers, supplies, and educational materials to bring this program, along with other impacting programs, to the schools.  Please consider helping WASA educate our students and keep them safe from substances by purchasing a presence on our Project Purple t-shirt and supporting the programs we will offer.

 Each sponsor’s logo will be displayed on the back of the Project Purple t-shirt.  Each student who signs a pledge to remain substance free is given a shirt. Every Friday, just prior to the weekend the Westford Academy students will wear their shirts in support of their pledge and a visual reminder to all students about making good choices over the weekend.

 -$500 will provide a logo on the back of the Project Purple shirts

-$1200 will provide a logo on the sleeves of the Project Purple Shirts.

 Each sponsor will be listed on WASA’s new website with a link to your business’ website.

 Last year the Westford Academy girls basketball team wore Project Purple t-shirts during warm-ups at WA for the semifinals in support of the program.


Below is a graphic which will represents what the t-shirts will look like. If you have any questions about the shirts, please contact Gary Lavelle at gary@CSAwestford.com. All sponsorships must be received by November 30, 2014.



Thank you in advanced for your support,


Susan Higgins

President of Westford Against Substance Abuse

PO Box 668

Westford, MA 01886